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Provide you with a Professional Skid Customisation Service

Skid is a piece of equipment mounted in a structural frame or container-type frame and the total combination of piping, valves, pumps, vessels, instrumentation, etc. installed therein.
Depending on the process flow, spatial direction and arrangement of the module.

The process equipment, process piping, high structure or container-type frame in the skid block is reasonably planned and arranged according to the relevant standards so that it becomes a functional,
modular, fixed overall equipment.

Manufacture of Skid and Complete Equipment Sets

For the petrochemical, offshore and marine industries, we manufacture SKIDS, MOUDLES and UNITS suitable for handling and conveying liquids, gases, powders and other media. According to customer requirements for structure, piping, electrical instrumentation, anti-vibration exposure, ventilation, equipment installation and other professional design, construction, testing and commissioning. Main products: gas pre-treatment skid; chemical injection skid; composition analysis skid; marine ballast water treatment skid; metering valve skid; powder conveying module; generator module; fuel oil separation and conveying unit; submarine sink unit; various types of valves and so on. The maximum weight of a single unit can reach 80 tonnes.


Our Advantages

Internationalisation of work ideas and manufacturing levels;

Fulfilment of certification requirements for CPR steel structures, PED pressure piping and TS special equipment;

Realisation of utility commissioning in manufacturing plants and ready-to-use in user interfaces;

All-round solution for special customer requirements;

Compact and clear structure, easy for daily operation and maintenance, easy to transport and install, widely used in chemical, petroleum and other industries.

Manufacturing and commissioning

The skid block brings together the design, procurement, fabrication and assembly of pipework, valves, structures, tanks, pumps, agitators, instrumentation, installation of pumps, tanks, agitators, pipework, valves, instrumentation, etc. either on the infrastructure or in containers. After fabrication, we will work with the owner to carry out factory commissioning to ensure that the process requirements of the skid block are met.

Piping, structure, tank materials and fabrication standards can be selected according to the owner's requirements of American Standard or National Standard, can undertake GB, ASME, PED and other different design and fabrication standards of the skid to meet the requirements of the owner and the customer.

The Role of Skid Mounted Modules

1, through the skid design, greatly shorten the design cycle of the equipment, improve the design quality of the equipment, effectively achieve the refinement and standardisation of the design, the formation of standard typical design and optimisation.

2、After the skid-mounted equipment, the stereotyping of project equipment, piping, instrumentation, electrical and equipment foundation is conducive to the bulk procurement of materials and equipment, effectively saving costs and shortening the procurement cycle. It makes the skid-mounted equipment universal and interchangeable, which is convenient for on-site construction and installation.

3, the process module to achieve the skid block, you can achieve factory production, skid mounted equipment production, assembly, can be completed in the factory, so that the site workload is greatly reduced, only need to complete the skid block positioning, fixing, interface piping and electrical parts of the connection can be convenient for the migration of the whole.

4, skid-mounted equipment can improve the quality of the project, standardised design to avoid the likelihood of design errors, greatly reducing the rework of the site, so that suppliers and manufacturing plants on the skid-mounted equipment requirements for a better understanding of the requirements and familiarity with the device to improve the quality of processing and manufacturing and production level.

5, improve work efficiency, skid-mounted design and improve the construction environment, improve work efficiency, reduce the external bad weather on product quality and construction progress of the limitations of the factory to complete most of the equipment installation and commissioning, reduce the site of the working time and manpower requirements, is conducive to the realisation of standardised construction management, greatly improving construction efficiency.

Classification of Skid

Application Area



No. Project Name Working Scope Contractor End User/Destination Duration Code
1   HPN, PSA, VSA, GN700, Cold box, Pump Box, Analyzer Building, Burner unit, etc. Air Products China/USA/England/Spain/Czech/Netherlands/Brazil/India/Israel/Malaysia, etc. Long term ASME/PED/GB
2   APSA/TCN/EOX series skids incl. warm skid, valve skid, pump box, Oil Removal Skids, Turbine Skids; Membrane module, etc. Air Liquide China/USA/Canada/Russia/Brazil/Argentina/France/Italy/Poland/Vietnam/Japan, etc. Long term ASME/PED/GB
3   Warm Skid Teamwin Sichuan/China 2022 GB
4   Warm Skid Ggas Shenzhen/China 2022 GB
5   Hydrogen PSA skid Honeywell/UOP Longjiang Chemical/China 2022 GB
6   Hydrogen PSA skid Honeywell/UOP SANNING Chemical 2022 GB
7   Oil Remover Skid Tsinergy Hefei/China 2022 GB
8 MERO 2 FPSO Bellmouth lifting beam support SBM PETROBRAS 2022 ASME
9 Anna Nery Fpso Project Skid site mantenance Evetech/COSCO Petrobras/Yinson 2021 ASME/NR/DNV
10 Ningbo Ineos Project Burner Control Unit JohnZink Ningbo Ineos 2021 ASME/GB
11   Water Cooling Skid Burchhardt CHN Energy/NICE 2021 ASME/GB
12   Water Cooling Skid Burchhardt KINGFA 2021 GB
13   Sulphur Addition Skid Tenova Hebei Iron & Steel Group 2021 ASME/GB
14   Warm Skid Teamwin China 2021 GB
15   N2 Generator Skid G-gas China 2021 GB
16   Oil Remove Skid Siqing Tech China 2021 GB
17 Air Separation  Palnt Project Silencer SIAD Middle East 2021 ASME
18   Methyl Alcohol Skid and Burner Unit KOLOS Russia 2021 CUTR
19   45Mpa Hydrogen Compressor(PDC) Skid CHN ENERGY China 2021  
20   SS pressure vessels Beijing University of Chemical Technology Petronas/Malaysia 2020 ASME/DOSH
21 Condensate Refinery Project Chemical Injection skid PT Istana Karang Laut/VINCI Partex/Bangladesh 2020 ASME
22   Newcrest VSD Chiller System g-TET Australia 2020 ASME
23   Compressor base included lubrication oil tank/vessel FS-Elliott China/USA 2019 GB/ASME
24 Oyu Tolgoi Shaft 3 Project Glycol heat transfer station g-TET/Howden/Jacobs Oyu Tolgo/Mongolia 2019 ASME
25 1.5 million ton/year Ethylene Project of Hengli Petrochemical Fuel gas skid SDEEC Hengli/China 2019 GB
26 BASF PJPC Neopentylglycol Project Stack, Control rack, piping, SS & CS KO drum Honeywell BASF 2019 GB
27 35/30 thousand ton/year High Density Polyethylene/Polypropylene Project of Wanhua Membrane Skid for water treatment SDEEC Wanhua/China 2019 GB
28   ORC skid included vacuum pressure vessel gTET Veolia/Australia 2019 ASME
29 18600M3 LNG Bunker Vessel Offshore BOG Commpressor skid Burchhardt Compression   2019 BV
30 Wengfuzijing Project White smoke elimination skid Wengfu Zijing Wengfuzijing/China 2019 GB
31 Condensate Refinery Project Chemical Injection skid Continental Platform/PT Istana Karang Laut Partex/Bangladesh 2018 ASME
32 Givaudan Project CIP skid Karcher Givaudan/China 2018 GB
33 Jeffries Project ORC skid g-TET Australia 2018 ASME
34   Reactor experimental Air Productsparatus IES China 2018 GB
35   Pump Skid/including SS316L/Duplex steel ROSO CNOOC/China 2018 ASME
36   Valve Box Casing Linde-ZRCC Zhejiang/China 2018 GB
37   SS pressure vessels and reactors (ASME & DOSH ) Beijing University of Chemical Technology PETRONAS/Malaysia 2018 ASME/DOSH
38   Stainless Structure Base Eramet New Caledonia 2018 ASME
39 Oyu Tolgoi Project Glycol Filling Skid g-TET/Howden/Jacobs Oyu Tolgoi/Mongolia 2017 ASME
40   GASTAK SKID included SS pressure vessel IES   2017 ASME
41 WASTE GAS THERMAL OXIDIZER Project Thermal Oxidizer Pipe Rack & Duct 3D Engineering DOW China 2017 GB
42   Skid included presssure vessel CSSC-WARTSILA CSSC-WARTSILA/Shanghai 2016 GB
43 Jilin Qifeng Project Denitration Skid Futek Qifeng/China 2016 GB
44   Oil Tank Skid CSSC-WARTSILA CSSC-WARTSILA/Shanghai 2016 ASME
45 Huai Bei Project Denitration Skid Datang Datang/China 2015 GB
46 Wei Zhou Project High Pressure Water Pump Skid ROSO CNOOC/China 2015 GB
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