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    For petrochemical, marine, shipbuilding and other industries, we manufacture the skid......

    Pipe Prefabrication

    In the construction of energy, petrochemical, mechanical and electrical industries......


    Congratulations on STE cooperation with SDEEC

    05.23 2019

    Recently, through online promotion, Shanghai Donghua Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Donghua) met with us in t...

    Our company has reached a cooperation with Honeywell

    05.22 2019

    In May, mild and not bleak, STE and Honeywell UOPs Kellert Combustion Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. formally entered into a partnership. As an int...

    Our company and Bukhard ushered in the second spring!

    04.23 2019

    Through the smooth cooperation with Bukhhard Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for the first time, we have cooperated for the second time. This is our co...

    Congratulations to STE for the first time in cooperation with Bukh

    04.18 2019

    Bukhad Compressor Co., Ltd. is one of the worlds most famous companies in the field of compressor manufacturing. Their products and services are availa...

    Warmly celebrate the opening of our new factory!

    02.13 2019

    The new platform, new height, new look, STE new factory opening ceremony was successfully completed on January 8, 2019. The new factory is located in H...

    We undertake the production business of the compressor skid block

    12.07 2018

    Recently, our company and LMF ( Wuxi ) Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. skid production contract. LMF is an Austrian company with a history of more than 166 yea...