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STE worked with STCC and Kanzai to successfully win the Indian Oil Company’s heating coil project from FEI, opening a new chapter of cooperation between China, Japan and India.

Recently, STE, together with Salty Power (STCC) and Nippon Tubing (kanzai), has successfully secured the Indian Oil Corporation’s heating coil project from FEI, Japan, which is a major milestone for the company. Toyo, the general contractor for the project, is a well known Japanese company and FEI has played a key role as a subcontractor for the design and manufacture of the heating system.
During the course of the project, FEI realised that there was no local manufacturer in India that could meet the requirements for the production of the heating coils. Following introductions and communication between Salty (STCC) and Nippon Tubing (kanzai), FEI recognised STE’s expertise and awarded the contract. This is the first time FEI has worked with a Chinese supplier, so it is significant and lays the foundation for further development of the relationship.
The success of this cooperation not only demonstrates STE’s professional ability and technical strength in the field of heating coil manufacturing, but also proves STE’s competitiveness in the international market. It is believed that this cooperation will bring more opportunities and partners to STE and lay a solid foundation for future development.
As a Chinese supplier, STE plays an important role in the global market. With the deepening of the partnership, we look forward to more cooperation with FEI and other international companies. This will open up a wider international market for STE, increase brand awareness and bring more business opportunities.
Continuing to maintain professional competence and technological innovation, as well as good cooperation with international partners, will help STE achieve greater success in the global market. We wish STE more breakthroughs and achievements in the field of heating coil manufacturing in the future!

Post time: 06-30-2023