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STE is leading the pet food industry in excellence by harvesting the manifold prefabrication project with Shanghai Hongshan Machinery with its exquisite skills!

As a professional engineering technology and high-end equipment manufacturing company, HONGSHAN MACHINERY has always been committed to the joint efforts with domestic famous universities and national technology enterprises to carry out technological research, development and innovation, and constantly improve its technical strength and product level. At the same time, Honsan Machinery also actively draws on the international advanced process technology, and continuously introduces and digests and absorbs the foreign advanced manufacturing technology and management experience, so as to provide customers with more competitive and innovative solutions.

This manifold manifold prefabrication project with STE was successfully finalized after more than two months of intensive communication and continuous upgrading of design drawings between both parties. The application field of this project is pet food industry, which requires very high tolerance for the pipes, and due to the export to New Zealand, there are certain requirements for ASME certification.STE fully recognizes the importance and challenge of the project, and with professional technology and rich experience, we ensure that the project can be delivered on time, and meet the customer’s high standards and expectations.

The smooth communication and efficient cooperation between both parties provided a solid guarantee for the smooth progress of the project. After the successful completion of this project, STE and HONGSHAN MACHINERY are full of confidence in their future cooperation and plan to further expand their business scope and customer base in the international market. STE will continue to actively seek for domestic and international quality partners to expand their business areas and provide more comprehensive and quality one-stop total services to our customers.

Post time: 02-29-2024