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STE and TYHOO have partnered to develop a cutting-edge method for welding copper-nickel alloy pipe fittings.

STE has recently signed a successful contract with TYHOO to weld copper-nickel alloy pipe fittings. The contract is a testament to our joint efforts, and has significant historical implications as it aims to establish a durable and stable cooperative relationship between our companies.

During contract negotiations, the STE team engaged in thorough discussions with TYHOO representatives, a prominent global company providing project management and engineering services. TYHOO specializes in corrosion prevention, robotic patching of pipelines, prefabricated manifolds, and various shaped fittings on construction sites. We thoroughly discussed and examined all issues and details to ensure the final agreement was fair and fully protects both parties’ rights and interests. This in-depth communication and negotiation demonstrates our dedication and sincerity while also laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. We will provide TYHOO with high-quality welding services for copper-nickel alloy pipe fittings in line with our customers’ agreed-upon technical requirements and quality standards. Our team of welding technicians will fully commit to ensuring weld quality and reliable delivery times, while implementing a proven project management system to guarantee on-time delivery. STE will utilize its expertise, skills, and deep understanding of the field to execute the project and ensure that the welded CuNi fittings meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

We will maintain close communication with TYHOO’s engineers to deliver timely feedback on progress, troubleshoot any issues, and coordinate resources for the smooth progression of the project. We believe that by working together, this project will be successful.

The signing of this contract not only showcases our company’s expertise in welding copper-nickel alloy pipe fittings, but also establishes a strong foundation for future cooperation with TYHOO. We anticipate mutual benefits and significant contributions to industry development through this collaboration.

Post time: 10-31-2023