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STE and Sunwah New Energy Join Forces to Explore New Areas of Hydrogen Equipment Manufacturing

Recently, STE successfully reached a cooperation agreement on hydrogen equipment manufacturing with Sunwah New Energy. This cooperation marks a solid step for both parties in the field of new energy technology research and development and equipment manufacturing, and jointly promote the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of hydrogen equipment.

STE, as a professional skid block manufacturer, is committed to providing various high-tech companies with skid equipment manufacturing solutions. As a leading new energy enterprise in China, Sunwah New Energy has rich experience and technical reserves in the field of hydrogen energy. Both parties join hands in this cooperation, aiming to combine their respective advantages to jointly build an advanced manufacturing platform for hydrogen equipment and promote the wide application and development of hydrogen energy technology.

According to the cooperation agreement, STE will provide Sunwah New Energy with the required technical support for the manufacturing of hydrogen equipment, including comprehensive cooperation in design refinement, production process, quality control and other aspects. On the other hand, Sunwah New Energy will make full use of its rich market resources and industrial advantages to provide STE with broad market space and cooperation opportunities.

The conclusion of this cooperation will not only help to enhance the market position and competitiveness of both parties in the field of new energy, but also inject new impetus into the technological progress and industrial upgrading of hydrogen equipment. In the future, both parties will continue to deepen the cooperation and jointly explore more development opportunities in the field of new energy, contributing more power to the sustainable development of human society.

Post time: 03-31-2024