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“Hydrogen” help – STE for a large state-owned enterprise to provide hydrogen compressor skid smooth delivery

The 45MPa hydrogen compressor skid supplied by STE for a large state-owned enterprise has been shipped after successful commissioning at STE’s factory.

The hydrogen compressor skid is an important part of the infrastructure for the development of the hydrogen car industry and is one of the core equipment of the hydrogen filling station.

STE, with the support of the compressor manufacturer, completed the independent selection of valves and instruments, completed the PLC programming, and finally successfully completed the overall commissioning at STE’s factory.

STE has made great progress in the overall equipment selection, fabrication and commissioning of the project, highlighting STE’s strong technical design capability and engineering land capability. Our technical team will continue to work hard to resolve the technical issues and difficulties for our customers.

STE has been actively involved in the field of low-carbon and green energy, and is firmly committed to the development of low-carbon and green energy.

Post time: 11-22-2022