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  •  Pipe Prefabrication

    Piping is the key step for construction in Energy, Petrol-chemical area to fulfill the project target. STE provides variety Spool Shop Fabrication . Material and fabrication standard could be ASME/ASTM, PED, JIS, GB, TS, and etc. STE could undertake Material Procure­ment, Cutting, Fit-up, Welding, Painting, Spool Internal Lining and Coating, Support manufacturing and spool Field Installation full range of work. STE has 3rd party qualified 5G, 6G ASME/PED welders, and is long at spool fabrication of High Strength Steel, Alloy and various Stainless Steel, etc.

    Our Advantages

    Know well of international standards and rich of products 3rd party; 
    certification experiences;
    Strong material procurement capability based on material supply business;
    Correct assembly based on 3D design, precisely manufacturing and strict  quality control;
    Manufacturing managed based on ASME U and PP requirements; Welding quality  is the core competitiveness.

    Our Service

    Pipe Prefabrication

    In the construction of energy, petrochemical, mechanical and electrical industries, the pressure pipeline is one of the key to achieve the goal of the project, STE provides all kinds of pressure piping workshop manufacturing and on-site installation for all walks of life. ASME/ASTM, PED, JIS, DIN, GB/TS and other standards can be used in the requirements of piping materials and construction.We are able to complete all the process flow of material procurement, cutting, welding, painting, painting, pipe support manufacturing...


    Our Achievement