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    Chemical dosing system alternate name chemical water treatment for cooling water, chemical water treatment for chilled water.
    Chemical dosing system is widely applied in corrosion, scale inhibition, sterilization and algae removal of the circuiting water systems such as air-conditioning cooling water, chilled water, ice storage, etc.


    The chemical dosing system can also achieve the effect equivalent to the electronic descaling instrument.In the process of air conditioning circulating water and various purified  water, the water quality always decides if the system can run efficiently for a long time. The pipeline corrosion, scaling, microbial propagation and other common problems of  circulating water always disturber the owners. Since the foundation, STE has made remarkable chievements in chemical water treatment, has becoming the most competitive  enterprise with tens of national discovery patents.


    Product Feature

    Chemical dosing system developed by STE is well known for the high quality and efficiency, its great features include:
    1. the system is highly integrated;
    2. Automatic control cabinet with PLC is available;
    3. Robust design, easy operation, convenient installation, only need water and power supply at site;
    4. 100% premixing effect;
    5. Good corrosive resistance; the wet part is engineering plastic or stainless steel;
    6. Application for powder, fiber material,as well as liquid material;
    7. High efficient stainless steel mixer.


    1.Boiler chemical dosing,mainly apply to the boiler of steam-electric power,chemical industry,Metallurgy,shipping,central heating,etc.
    2.Pretreatment for running water,main apply to city running water factory,steel industry,paper industry,etc.
    3.Sewage treatment,environment protection,mainly apply to sewage treatment for city,industrial and mining enterprises,large hotel, restaurant, etc.
    4.Other related liquid chemical dosing system.

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