• A335 P11
  • A335 P12
  • A335 P22
  • A335 P91
  • A333 Gr.6
  • Base

    STE provides compressor manufacturers with precision, complex machining and manufacturing stand, which is in line with GB150, ASME U, PED and other box stand.

    The advantage of the STE

    Be familiar with various international standards (European standard, American standard, Japanese standard, national standard, etc.) and understand relevant quality standards accurately.
    Large machining capacity;
    Special cast iron processing platform;
    Provide all kinds of project documents and completion materials.


    Working Process

    01. Prepare assembly drawing, part drawing, machining drawing, etc;
    02. ITP/WPS/PQR preparation;
    03. Material purchasing;
    04. Steel plate and profile cutting;
    05. Pipeline welding, leakage detection (PT), pickling and phosphating;
    06. Plate bending, inner plate pretreatment (sandblasting);
    07. Assembly and welding;
    08. Determination of baseline;
    09. Welding,heat treatment and polishing;
    10. Detection of leakage at the installation(PT), welding and warehousing of curved pipe band square pipe ;
    11. Installation, welding and grinding of tank bottom plate, tank bending plate and tank end plate;
    12. Installation, welding and grinding of support bottom plate, lifting lug and end plate of fuel tank;
    13. Turn over the whole base;
    14. Heat treatment correction;
    15. Installation, welding and grinding of machining parts;
    16. Water pressure test of two oil tanks, static pressure test of one water tank, pressure test of welding seam in square pipe flange (special fitting);
    17. Overall inspection;
    18. Internal and external integral sandblasting (surface protection of machining parts);
    19. Blow and sweep in the pipe.
    Paint light oil in oil tank, paint in water tank, exterior paint (machined parts are not painted on the sealing surface).


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