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    Manufacturing of variety Process Skids, Modules and Package Units in Petrochemical,Offshore Construction and Ship Building area, to fulfill a dedicate process purpose for Liquid,Gas, Powder handling and etc. STE is capable in providing professional Design, Manufacturing,Inspection and Commissioning of Steel Structure, Piping System, Electrical & InstrumentationAutomation, Vibration and Noise Prevention, HVAC and Ventilating, Moisturizing System,
    and etc. in accordance with client’s requirements.Main Product: Gas Pre-treatment Skid,Chemical Injection Skid, Analyzer Cabinet, Ship Ballst water treatment Skid, Metering ValveSkid, Solid Handling Skid, Power Handling Skid, Fuel Oil Storage and Transferring Skid,Subsea Diffuser Skid, Various Valve Blocks and etc. The maximum monomer weight canreach 50 tons, with the largest dimensions: (L)18000 * (W)4300 * (H)4000.

    Our Strengths

    International working mind and manufacturing level;
    Provide CPR Steel Structure, PED Pressure Piping and TS Special Equipment certification;
    Complete commissioning in shop, immediate use after tie-up at job site;
    Solve the special requests from customers;
    The structure is compact and clear, easy for daily operation and maintenance, convenient for transportation and installation, and is mostly used in chemical and petroleum industries.

    Our Service


    Skid is a device which is fixed in a structural frame or container frame and is installed in a whole combination of pipes, valves, pumps, containers and instruments.According to the space layout of the process flow, space direction and module, reasonable planning and layout of the process equipment, process pipeline, high structure, or assembly frame in the Skid according to the relevant standards will make it a functional, modular and fixed overall equipment....


    Container Skid

    According to the requirements of customers, STE can provide detailed designs and production of skid blocks of full enclosure, so that skid equipment can be more compact and easy to be transported and installed outdoors....


    Our Achievement