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  • Congratulations on STE's online promotion - KARCHER, Germany


    Forge ahead in unity and strive for success.

    On July 16, 2018, Marketing Department received the online inquiry  information about skid manufacture from Karcher. After four months, our  company "won" the project order of This skid project, and the amount of the  first cooperation contract was already over a million, which undoubtedly  injected strong confidence and impetus to the rapid development of our  online promotion.
    Karcher Founded in 1935, has a brand history of more than 80 years. Now it  has become a giant aircraft carrier in the global cleaning industry.  Coincidentally, karcher and our company are located in the same park. After  many exchanges between STE and Karcher, we both recognize each other.  This project is mainly a set of heat exchanger skid in the cleaning system. Our  company will spare no effort to provide the owner with a perfect answer  sheet.
    This single is a qualitative change of online promotion, and expands the  promotion channel of the company's skid business. I believe STE will make  great achievements in online promotion at future!